Source: Michigan Office of Retirement Services

What is the ORS?

The Office of Reitirement Services (ORS) administers retirement programs for Michigan's state employees, public school employees, judges, state police and National Guard members.

Who is a Member of the ORS?

You become a member and begin accruing credit toward a pension on the first day you work in a participating Michigan educational institution.

Members include employees of: K-12 public school districts, Intermediate school districts, District libraries, Public School Academies/Charter Schools, Tax-supported community colleges.

In some instances, membership includes certain employees who began working for Central, Eastern, Northern, and Western Michigan Universities, Ferris State and Lake Superior State Universities, and Michigan Technological University, before January 1, 1996.

New to the ORS?

Elect your plan within 75 days of your first payroll end date. Choose between Pension Plus 2 Plan or the Defined Contribution (DC) Plan.

  1. Read about your retirement plan options at
  2. Receive a welcome letter containing your Member ID from the Office of Retirement Services (ORS).
  3. Elect your retirement plan anytime within the 75-day window by logging in to miAccount. You'll need your Member ID to register.

How do I contact the ORS?

ORS Resources: