New Employees

What can I expect if I am the successful candidate and am hired by Saline Area Schools?

The hiring administrator will either call or email you to offer the position.

If you accept the position, the administrator will contact the Human Resource Department by completing the "Recommendation to Hire Form." (It is important to note that no Saline Area Schools hire is official until it has been approved by the Board of Education).

Within 24-48 hours of receipt of all required information the Human Resources Department will send you a conditional offer of employment letter.  Your letter will be emailed and once you accept you will schedule an appointment with Kendra Kokelaar to review the following:

  • Conditional offer of employment letter which will include your start date, salary, position, status (full or part-time). Hourly employees will have their work schedule included. This letter must be signed and returned as a sign of acceptance.
  • Acceptable Use Policy and AUP signature form.  The AUP signature form must be returned before an email account can be created.
  • New Hire Information that includes specific Board Policies to be read and a signature form stating you have read them that is to be returned with your acceptance letter.
  • Payroll forms: Federal W-4, MI W-4, I-9, Disclosure of Unprofessional Conduct Release and Waiver, Disclosure of Criminal History, Fingerprint forms, Direct deposit form, Staff information form, and Directory information form.

All new employees must complete and/or return the following:

  • Signed Acceptance Letter
  • AUP signature form
  • Payroll Forms- please bring appropriate forms of identification as outlined on the I-9 form. 
  • Fingerprints- If you are not currently employed by a Michigan school district you will need to have your fingerprints taken at the Washtenaw Intermediate School District. Fingerprinting must be done immediately since you cannot begin work until a satisfactory report has been returned. Fingerprint Information
  • Employee Contract Acknowledgement
  • Employee Attendance Policy Acknowledgement
  • Board Policy Acknowledgement

Certified staff and new administrators: 

  • Complete and/or return the bulleted items indicated above.
  • Contact your college(s) and have your transcripts (must be an original) forwarded to: Saline Area Schools, Human Resource Department, 7265 Saline-Ann Arbor Rd., Saline, MI 48176.
  • Our benefits coordinator will email you specific information regarding enrollment.
  • Submit your notarized, current teaching certificate
  • The benefits coordinator will contact you to review your benefit eligibility and options.

Support staff:

  • Complete and/or return the bulleted items indicated above.
  • The benefits coordinator will contact you to review your benefit eligibility and options.